• Lives in Sabak Bernam. Diploma Banking and Finance Islamic studies at Kuala Kangsar .

    I’ve always loved words and telling stories. Not only that, I'm also obsessed with everything design editing.




    Sampul Raya for all days. Suitable for any celebration like Hari Raya, Wedding Gift and any feast! 

    Photobook MY

    Selling photobook with price RM15 for Peninsular Malaysia, while RM18 for Sabah / Sarawak. All photobook had postage included. Example item can find on instagram. 



    Softcover and Hardcover are available!

    Softcover just 40 pages, you can attach maximum photos until 100 pieces.

    Hardcover with 20 pages, can attach maximum photos until 50 pieces. 

    Paper type: Photo Lustre Paper Binding: Professional binding 

    Size: 6 inch x 6 inch


    Every brand and company is different but not everyone can simply convey that. I'll use storytelling without any protocol language

    Instacard / Polaroid

    I'm dealer of Instacard prints. You get 50 pieces with price RM20, include postage. Too many size available. Anything, can contact us

    4R Photos Print

    Get your 4R photos with low price! RM20 for 50 pieces! Free postage for Peninsular Malaysia. Sabah / Sarawak add RM3.


    A3 Photo Poster Print

    Get your A3 photos high quality with low price! RM18 for 1 pcs ! Free postage for Peninsular Malaysia. Sabah / Sarawak add RM3.

    Business Card

    RM20 Free Postage for Peninsular Malaysia.

    RM23 Include Postage for Sabah / Sarawak.

    85mm x 55mm

    270gsm uncoated smooth paper

    50 pieces 1 Design

    Photobook Calendar

    RM30 Free Postage for Peninsular Malaysia.

    RM33 Include Postage for Sabah / Sarawak.

    Kad Jemputan Design


    Corporate Banner , Low Price


    Yaaseen for Wedding Gift by DN


    Wooden Album


    Phone Cover / Case / Casing Print


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    Companies I've worked with include:

    Photobook MY


    Photobook MY is the biggest print company at Shah Alam.


    Wattpad is a global leader in connecting people to writes, wherever they are. For more than 20 years, Wattpad has helped people improve their writing with skill, and employers find the best talent.

    Shopee Malaysia


    We choose Shopee as Third-part account bank.

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    About Us

    Photobook is a brand handled by the three people with different areas. Amirol Ramli, Syameer Haziq and Nuraina. We believe the purpose of living is based on doing what you love and that is the reason why we was officially established back in 2016 into a serious business.

    Amirol Ramli started as a home-based brand that serves graphic designs in corporate events, local novels and wedding supplies. We are currently a team of three just because Hujan GIG. Everyday we try to create and deliver as best as we can.

    For us, Photobook is not just a brand that supply crafts with special delivery. We are more than just a team that work and supports each other to make our dreams happen in making our own living. We love meeting new people and making new memories. So we hope our design journey will at least, leave a sentimental value to our special clients.